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New Ballet classes in Carshalton

Carshalton Dance Centre will be continuing to teach ballet classes for children of all ages in Carshalton and Wallington, from pre-school to Advanced Levels, with exciting new developments over the coming months.


Ballet is a wonderful and expressive art form and we teach the I.S.T.D. ballet syllabus to all our children. Our Pre-school and toddler Sparkle Ballet classes incorporate our award winning programme for early years, with a healthy mix of fun and learning, with lots of mime and imagination - something that is vital in later years. Young children love mime and many balletic movements start out without the children know they are learning. They then progress through the years and have the opportunity to expand their learning further with a former soloist of the Royal Ballet Company - CDC ASSOCIATES (see below).


We ensure every child progresses through the syllabus and we offer optional examination if children wish to go down this route. The Principal is the Deputy Lead Examiner for the I.S.T.D. and with many of our teacher also being high Licentiate trained teachers, we know how to prepare our pupils. However, whether children take exams or not, all children learn the syllabus and move up regardless. This keeps everyone fresh so that older students are kept stimulated. Children can continue their training up to Intermediate (a qualification that allows them to train as dance teachers), and Advanced Levels for those wanting to go into the performing arts industry.


As well as our Principal being an ex Royal Ballet trained performer, our Associate Programme is a unique path where invited students are taught once a month by a soloist of the Royal Ballet Company. This is in addition to their regular ballet classes at Carshalton Dance Centre. We are pleased to have Laura McCulloch as one of our guest teachers, and she will be teaching technique, body conditioning and limbering and repertoire as well as enhancing performance and audition technique. CDC is the only dance school in the area to provide this exciting opportunity for it's students and we know our students will benefit from her immense experience. click here

For more information about our ballet classes or for a copy of our timetable please click below.

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