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Dance Classes in Carshalton

Dance Classes Wallington

Dance Classes in Carshalton

Ballet classes in carshalton

We teach the Imperial Society of Ballet syllabus classes start from age 2 up to 18, led by Royal Ballet trained and Deputy Lead Examiner for the I.S.T.D.. 

We teach ballet in a fun and structured environment, and we have the experience to teach up to Intermediate and Advanced levels as well. 

Contemporary Dance is a freestyle form of dance, which is expressive and interpretive. At Carshalton Dance Centre, we start at age 8 up to Senior levels. Contemporary is a very creative way to express emotion through movement and can be danced to almost all styles of music. Many who study ballet, often take contemporary for variation, choreographic elements and stylistic expression. 

Contemporary Dance classes
street dance classes carshalton

Commercial Street is a fun and energetic style you see on TV commercial events and pop videos. We cover the latest styles, so if your child loves to dance to upbeat and current styles seen on this platform, this is definitely the class for them. 

Modern is a style of dance often associated with Musical Theatre. It offers children the technique needed to perform popular dance steps using a variety of musical styles. We do this using the I.S.T.D. Modern Theatre Dance syllabus with optional examinations. 

modern theatre dance carshalton
Tap dance classes in carshalton

Tap is a great rhythmical style of dancing, where the feet do the talking! The dancer contributes to the sound of the music through various taps, rhythms and movement. We also follow the I.S.T.D. Tap syllabus with optional examinations, and we are very proud of our Tap history at Carshalton Dance Centre. 

Musical Theatre is a combination of dance, singing and drama classes (the triple threat). We cover a range of musicals from traditional works such as West Side Story, to current and contemporary musicals such as We Will Rock You and Six. Children who take Musical Theatre often take other styles of dance classes such as Ballet and / or Modern theatre Dance for added technique.  

Musical Theatre classes Carshalton
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