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toddler ballet lessons in carshalton


Ballet classes in Carshalton, Sutton & Wallington

Our ballet classes offer children the perfect start to learn in a fun and motivational way, while capturing their imaginations from a young age.

We teach children from toddler age to 18 years, in a fun, supportive and constructive environment.


We have the experience and industry knowledge to develop each child to their full potential, plus an Associate Programme taught by an ex Royal Ballet soloist for those aspiring to be professional dancers. 


ballet pointework classes carshalton

Our early years ballet classes offer a wonderful introduction to the world of ballet from preschool age upwards. We focus on the children having fun in a structured program that develops each individual. In toddler and pre-school classes, children learn ballet through mime and different themes that spark their imaginations through movement. See see our toddler page.

When they become a little older, we focus on the I.S.T.D. syllabus (one of the most renowned syllabi in the world), in which the Carshalton Dance Centre's Principal is the Deputy Head of Children's Examinations for the society. 

Ballet exams are optional, so even if exams are not taken, all children progress through the grades at the same pace. For those who are serious and want to progress further, we offer higher grade classes up to Intermediate and Advanced levels. We also have an associate programme for children who aspire to professional level and attend additional Sunday classes led by a former soloist of the Royal Ballet Company. 

The school has a strong ballet faculty and we teach all the way up to Advanced Levels - a level where children can then take their own teaching qualification. 

Our ballet classes are located in Carshalton and Wallington currently, and we offer a free trial class for all new pupils. 

children's ballet classes in carshalton
ballet lessons in carshalton


Royal Ballet soloist training at Carshalton.jpg

For those aspiring to be professional ballerinas, we not only offer our very own high standard training led by Joanne Evans and her team (many of whom are ex-Royal Ballet trained teachers and Licentiate qualified), but also offer training from outside teachers who are subject specialists in their own fields.

Some children attend our prestigious Sunday Associate Programme led by a former soloist of the Royal Ballet Company. This strong link with the Royal Ballet means some children are given training by one of the leading dancers in the country on a monthly basis, in Sutton.

This on-going programme is one of the few in the country where children are taught by the very best in their field. It covers audition techniques, artistry, limbering and enhancing performance, while learning repertoire from the Royal Ballet. We are very privileged to be able to offer this to our pupils.   

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